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leaning toward a Biblical world view


GENERAL FACTS: Belk is the largest privately owned department store in the nation. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Belk is a regional leader in the South and ranks #109 on the Forbes "America's Largest Private Companies" list.  

POSITIVE: Faith Driven Consumer applauds Belk’s commitment to the education and success of children through the Belk Foundation, which is deeply rooted in Christian values. Its commitment to the historic definition of diversity is commendable. Belk is a company committed to the well-being of its customers, employees and the communities in which it is located. Belk's relatively low score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index indicates a low level of support for the homosexual and transgender political agenda in the workplace and beyond.

NEGATIVE: Some of Belk’s advertisements contain suggestive images.

OUTLOOK: Belk is the largest privately owned department store in the nation. Deeply and openly rooted in Christian values, this is a largely faith-compatible company that is committed to the education and success of children through the Belk Foundation. Belk has also recently launched a mobile mammography center called “Belk Gives on the Go.”  

 Pro Life show details

As of August, 2013, it appears that Belk no longer supports United Way or Susan G. Komen, Instead, Belk's efforts to help find a cure for breast cancer have centered on the launch of a mobile mammography center called "Belk Gives on the Go," which has its own blog, Facebook presence and Twitter hashtag. This omnichannel approach to outreach led the retailer to leverage in-store events as well, such as bra fittings.

Previous notes:  

In 2009, Belk associates donated $800,000 to United Way, Classroom Central, and Good Neighbor. United Way is a vast organization that funds many community groups around the nation, including pro-abortion groups. (  

    Note: While United Way is an organization dedicated to using community support to further the lives and common good of people, some United Way groups have made donations to Planned Parenthood. In a statement provided by United Way, it has taken a neutral position on the issue of abortion so as to not detract from the mission and goals of the organization. United Way has maintained that the money does not go to fund or support abortions, but rather to help the well-being of the people through “community health maintenance, e.g. communicable disease prevention; medical care service; family planning; health education; public awareness services; and family preservation and strengthening services, e.g. counseling and family life education.” For more information about Planned Parenthood and United Way, please visit this website: 

Belk supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation toward the fight to end breast cancer through their Belk Charity Days, giving $3 million in 2010. Belk supports Susan G. Komen at the corporate sponsorship level.

Note: While Susan G. Komen is focused on breast cancer research, some Susan G. Komen affiliate groups have donated money to Planned Parenthood’s breast health/education programs. In recent news, Susan G. Komen dropped funding to Planned Parenthood, but reversed its decision the following day. In June 2011, Susan G. Komen released a statement indicating that they do not fund abortions – all donations are explicitly earmarked for breast-health programs and audited twice a year to ensure compliance. Susan G. Komen also said if they ever discovered donations to Planned Parenthood donations ever being used to fund anything other than breast-health programs, the funding would be pulled immediately. You can read more about the link between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood at

 Non Pornographic Materials show details

Research has not revealed actions that either align with or conflict with a biblical worldview in this category. Please contact the Faith Driven Consumer staff if you have relevant information about this company and this category.

 Wholesome Entertainment show details

Research has not revealed actions that either align with or conflict with a Biblical worldview in this category. Please contact Faith Driven Consumer staff if you have new information about this company and this category.

 Philanthropy show details

Belk has created the Belk Foundation, focusing on education as the basis for society and quality education as a right of all children and youth. The foundation invests in schools and organizations that work aggressively to ensure all students graduate from high school and continue on an intentional path toward college, career and life.

Every year Belk hosts more than 400 community events. These events have not been disclosed so it is up to the discretion of the consumer to use their best judgment when deciding if an event aligns with their worldview. (

 Biblical Sexuality, Marriage and Family show details

Belk acknowledges a historic and biblical understanding of diversity in the workforce by committing to equal opportunity for employees and associates.

While Belk's current non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation, it received a relatively low score of 15 by the Human Rights Campaign, which tracks the promotion of the homosexual and transgender political and social agenda in the workplace. Given that higher scores on this scale indicate relatively greater support for gay and transgender activist goals, we see this score as indicating a corporate stance that leans toward the natural and traditional family.

 Corporate Responsibility show details

Belk has made a significant effort to help promote the environment through several internal and external measures. Some of these initiatives include a company-wide recycling program, increased energy efficiency, more sustainable construction, reduced use of packaging materials and use of solar energy at the corporate office and store locations.

In 2011, Belk began working with Business for Social Responsibility in efforts to measure and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Over the next year, the company will measure and report two “scopes” of emissions at Belk and create a plan that will lower its carbon footprint.

Note: A Biblical worldview of environmental stewardship maintains that the Earth is created and sustained by God’s intelligent design and infinite power. It is robust and resilient – perfectly suited to the needs of mankind who are God’s highest creation and bearer of God’s image as male and female. It further understands that man is to steward the Earth and its resources wisely, while maintaining a proper perspective of God as the creator and Earth as His creation. Corporate actions that foster the consumption of fewer resources, maximizing recycling and passing on a cleaner, healthier environment to our children are encouraged as good biblical stewardship. However, corporate actions to limit fossil fuel use based on the view that global climate change is both man-made and controllable by human actions – asserting man’s primary responsibility in the natural cycles of cooling and warming – are not in line with a biblical worldview because they rest on the assumption that Earth and its climate system are fragile and subject to catastrophic harm from the actions of man. For further information on a biblical worldview of Environmental Stewardship, see Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

 Other show details

According to the American Family Association (AFA), Belk is a company that uses the term "Christmas" on a regular basis, making it a Christmas-friendly company.

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