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leaning toward a Biblical world view


GENERAL FACTS: Arkansas-based Walmart is ranked #1 on the Fortune 500 list of companies for 2013, with revenues of nearly $470 billion.  

POSITIVE: Walmart has taken active steps in recent years to become more faith-friendly. Walmart made a corporate decision not to carry Preven in its pharmacies. Preven has been called by some an “abortion pill” because it prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. Walmart has withdrawn support from homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist organizations in response to the urgings of Christian customers. It gives millions of dollars annually to various charitable organizations, supports family-friendly entertainment programming, and promotes “Christmas” in its advertisements.
advertisements. Walmart's mid-range score of 60 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which tracks the promotion of the homosexual and transgender political agenda in the workplace, indicates a corporate stance that leans toward the natural and traditional family. 

NEGATIVE: While Walmart has taken active steps to support family-friendly programming, it still sells some books, movies and video games that conflict with Christian values. Additionally, Walmart is now a donor to the left-leaning Center for American Progress, a progressive public policy think tank that espouses ideas often hostile to a biblical worldview and religious freedom.   

OUTLOOK: Family-owned Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and private employer with two million employees in 8,500 stores spanning 15 countries. The outlook for Walmart as a faith-compatible company leans positive and the corporation has taken active steps to welcome Christians, including actively promoting and supporting the hit HBO series, “The Bible.” While we see some areas of concern, we applaud the positive actions it has taken to promote more wholesome entertainment and hire honorably discharged veterans.

 Pro Life show details

Walmart is a sponsor of CARE USA, a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty. CARE USA has a special emphasis on women, and one of their programs is education and services to help women in poorer countries ensure safe pregnancies and births. (

Walmart made a corporate decision not to carry the Preven Emergency Contraception ® drug in its pharmacies. Preven EC ® has been called by some the “abortion pill” because it prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall.

Several stores, including one in Madison, WI, have been reported to carry the emergency contraceptive Plan B One Step in stock. This drug also prevents a fertilized egg from implantation in the uterine wall and is considered by many to be an abortifacient.

Walmart partners with United Way in community outreach efforts and to provide free tax-filing services to Americans nationwide. United Way is a vast organization that funds many community groups around the nation, including pro-abortion groups. (

Note: While United Way is an organization dedicated to using community support to further the lives and common good of people, some United Way groups have made donations to Planned Parenthood. In a statement provided by United Way, it has taken a neutral position on the issue of abortion so as to not detract from the mission and goals of the organization. United Way has maintained that the money does not go to fund or support abortions, but rather to help the well-being of the people through “community health maintenance, e.g. communicable disease prevention; medical care service; family planning; health education; public awareness services; and family preservation and strengthening services, e.g. counseling and family life education.” For more information about Planned Parenthood and United Way, please visit this website:

 Non Pornographic Materials show details

Walmart carries a few book and magazine titles in-store that could be construed by some as pornographic. Examples include The Complete Idiots Guide to Writing Erotic Fiction, Penthouse’s Collection of Erotic Stories (in Spanish) and the Kushiel’s Dart book series by Jacqueline Carey.

In addition to these, Walmart does carry a wide selection of non-pornographic materials. However, we have included some titles that Christians may find offensive.

 Wholesome Entertainment show details

In recent years, Walmart has stepped up its efforts to support the development of family-friendly programming on television and beyond. Hailed as an "extraordinary corporate leader" by the Parents Television Council (PTC), Walmart has promoted and supported programming such as the hit HBO mini-series “The Bible” both in stores and on its website

·     Today, Walmard is listed by PTC in its Advertiser "Hall of Fame."


Walmart was ranked #5 on the Top 10 Best Advertisers of 2009 from the Parents Television Council (PTC).

Despite these commendable actions, Walmart continues to sell several book, movie and video game titles that glorify violence, promiscuity, nontraditional lifestyles, drinking and/or drugs or foul language. Some examples include “Saw III,” God of War (ps2) Resident Evil (ps2, GC) and Grand Theft Auto (ps2).

 Philanthropy show details

The Walmart Foundation has many philanthropic programs aimed at hunger relief, education, military support, disaster relief, and other giving programs.

·     Significantly, Walmart CEO Bill Thorne announced in a speech that it would be offering jobs to any honorably discharged veteran within his or her first twelve months off active duty.

Walmart donates millions of dollars annually to dozens of charities. None of the charities or causes Walmart supports appear to take positions that run counter to biblical values. Walmart has long-standing partnerships with such groups as the American Red Cross, Feeding America, The Salvation Army, and the Children’s Miracle Network. They have also been part of recent international disaster relief efforts in Japan and Chile. 

For a complete list of Wal-Mart’s major contributions, visit

 Biblical Sexuality, Marriage and Family show details

Walmart has previously supported organizations dedicated to the promotion of the homosexual and transgender political and social agenda. However, in 2007 Walmart (after receiving complaints from Christian groups) made a corporate decision to begin withdrawing support from multiple activist groups. As of 2011, Walmart remained a sponsor of one LGBT event (“Reaching Out” which helps LGBT students achieve advanced business degrees), but we commend them for consciously moving in the direction of Christian values. For more information on “Reaching Out,” go to

Walmart's mid-range score of 60 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which tracks the promotion of the homosexual and transgender political agenda in the workplace, indicates a corporate stance that leans toward the natural and traditional family. 

 Corporate Responsibility show details

Walmart received the 2011 International Innovation in Diversity Award by Profiles in Diversity Journal and the Corporate Environmental Excellence for Walmart Canada by GLOBE Foundation. (

In 2009, Walmart introduced a Sustainable Product Index to create data for the evaluation of sustainable products. Walmart also has a waste reduction program to reduce waste, and eliminated more than 80 percent of waste from its operations in California that would otherwise go into landfills.

Walmart has created a Sustainability Integration System to aid with the structure and management of environmental efforts. This includes efforts to reduce carbon emissions and offset global warming.

Note: A Biblical worldview of environmental stewardship maintains that the Earth is created and sustained by God’s intelligent design and infinite power. It is robust and resilient – perfectly suited to the needs of mankind who are God’s highest creation and bearer of God’s image as male and female. It further understands that man is to steward the Earth and its resources wisely, while maintaining a proper perspective of God as the creator and Earth as His creation. Corporate actions that foster the consumption of fewer resources, maximizing recycling and passing on a cleaner, healthier environment to our children are encouraged as good biblical stewardship. However, corporate actions to limit fossil fuel use based on the view that global climate change is both man-made and controllable by human actions – asserting man’s primary responsibility in the natural cycles of cooling and warming – are not in line with a biblical worldview because they rest on the assumption that Earth and its climate system are fragile and subject to catastrophic harm from the actions of man. For further information on a biblical worldview of Environmental Stewardship, see Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Walmart has a corporate policy of hiring military veterans and heroes to a variety of positions within their organization. They sponsor many military job fairs. (

The International Labor Rights Fund filed a lawsuit in 2005 against Walmart for sweatshop workers in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua and Swaziland. There have been other allegations against Walmart for worker compensation issues, lack of employee healthcare and disregard for minimum wage standards.

 Other show details

According to the American Family Association (AFA), Walmart is a "5-Star" rated company that "promotes and celebrates Christmas on an exceptional basis."

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