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We are excited to add this tool for all consumers. This will allow you, as the consumer, to see what companies are supporting, and how they can improve to be more faith-friendly. You can customize your search by clicking on 'Advanced Search' to make the selection fit your needs and preferences.

Faith Driven Consumer realizes that no company is perfect, just as there are no humans that are perfect. We are not called to judge but to provide the facts so that you can make a more informed decision as a consumer.
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DISCLAIMER: The Faith Driven Consumer team completed independent research to put these company profiles together. The intent was not necessarily to compile an exhaustive list of each company's activities but to provide a fair and representative overview of where each company stands in each category. If you find information here to be incorrect or outdated, we want to know. Please send us company updates you think we need to know about. Last updated Summer 2012.